Dr.Joel Winbanks

Osteopath and Founder of Motus Osteopathy.

12 Years




Joel is the founder of Motus Osteopathy and has been helping people in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years.

Prior to becoming an osteopath - Joel spent 6 years working as a personal trainer at several gyms and studios in and around Melbourne. During this time, gym members and clients would often approach him with injury-related questions...

" Why do my shins hurt when I run?"

"I can't do push ups without a sharp pain in my shoulder"

 I want to exercise more but I have a bad back"

Felling ill-equipt to deal with the complexities of individual injury he wanted to know more and be a reliable source of information on common gym injuries, how to treat them and how to remain active while supporting an injury.

It was here Joel took 'the leap' and realized the importance of overcoming fear and doing whatever it takes to follow your dreams. Leaving his full time work of running a successful personal training business, he committed to life as a student for an additional 5 years to learn what he  needed to help people in the way he truely wanted. 

This lead to a whole new career path - of helping people through injury with a 'hands on approach' by studying to be an Osteopath at Victoria University.

Joel's studies included a 3 yr Bachelor of Clinical Science (Osteopathy) and a 2 yr Masters of Health Science to become a fully qualified and registered Osteopath.

Working as an Osteopath - Joel enjoys the holistic and functional approach to the human body and the treatment of acute injury and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Osteopathy is easily combined with the knowledge and skills about health and fitness he learned as a personal trainer.

While treating a wide range of common injuries and conditions Joel has a keen interest in working with people who have sustained gym or workout related injuries and helping them to stay active during their recovery, rehabilitate and continue to achieve their health and fitness goals.

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